Life of a Budding Lagosian (Season 1 Episode 3 ) : I slept in a Stranger’s House

I am permitted to tell you welcome back.

So, I was saying that I could really make you comfortable talking with me. In this case, it turned out to be bad.the end of my sleep

Back to the story, after all the talking, I guess he felt like we were good friends already. I finally slept off. My alarm rang and that was the end of my sleep . My host also woke up. I could not go back to sleep. He tried telling me to go back to sleep and all but I felt satisfied with the little sleep I had.

We continued talking. He said he was going for his prayers by 5:50am. Then, the rain started falling. I guess it brought a whole different atmosphere for him. He said ‘ weather for two’

I replied ‘weather for one.’ I already knew he was getting ideas but I remained calm.

Then, he started getting all emotional and telling me how beautiful and intelligent I was. He wanted to start touching me. Oh my God! Was I scared? I really can’t say. I guess I was just numb. I told him it was inappropriate and that he should stop it .Did someone just say I called for it? Oh no, I didn’t .

We both found ourselves in a situation we never planned to happen. I quite understood the situation.  I mean, there I was in the same room with a man whom I knew nothing about and knew nothing about me.

He kept on talking sha. My mind was busy with a whole lot of stuff. Then, when he came so close to me  I became angry in my spirit. What kind of a woman would I be? I just told him ‘Please don’t’

He was like, he was not going to have sex with me. Oga, sex, kissing o, all na the same thing. I told him that. It is one and the same thing. ‘I can’t do it’   I kept calm though

When he came close to me, I had to gently push him aside. He knew I was angry. He said he was not trying to take advantage of me. I told him ‘That is exactly what you are trying to do.’ He was like he doesn’t want to fornicate. I began to preach to him. I told him that it would not be easy for him if he kept feeding his mind with ungodly contents, and that the mind will become too weak to overcome temptation. At a point, I held his hand and I told him that he was already doing well, he shouldn’t spoil it. He became angry with himself that he was allowing his emotions get a better part of him. He even said I should slap him if he tried anything funny. Me? Slap you? No na. God’s wisdom was already helping me manage the situation. He never was forceful. He wanted something mutual and I was not that kind of lady. When he saw he had messed up, he was ashamed. I still told him thank you, at least for not taking advantage of me. If he were forceful, what exactly would I have been able to do? Your guess is as good as mine- NOTHING!

Time was far spent and he was having his last papers that day. The rain had continued falling. He had to take his bath. I changed into my gown which had become dry. When he came back, he kept calling his colleagues to take permission from them to drive his office car. The rain didn’t stop, so we had to enter the rain like that. I told him thank you again. He told me he messed up. I had to tell him I understood the situation. Frankly, I understood. I was not angry. For me, I bear no grudge and as far as I am concerned, even with the little moment he was tempted, I still give him a pass mark for self control.

We got set to leave and he gave me a hug and a peck on my forehead. We entered the rain. It was already past 7am or to 8am. I really can’t remember the time. He helped me with my bag. We got a bike and went straight to the bus stop where we met. He insisted he would  wait for me to board a bus despite he was late for his exams. While in the room, I had prayed to God that his exam be postponed. He was already late. He gave me #500 for T fare, which I rejected. I just felt bad about it, like someone trying to buy you off or something. It may not have been his intention but hey, this is my story, I am just telling you how I felt. He kept insisting and I kept refusing. Since he was with my bag, he just helped himself by dropping the money inside. I thanked him. I got a bus, and I zoomed off. We had exchanged numbers.

I got home being beaten by the heavy downpour. I told my people my little story. It was wow! They were very understanding.

That is my Lagos story.

Maybe I was foolish,  too brave,  too naive,  too fearful or too bold. Whatever your take is on this matter, I have just shared my own Lagos story. You share yours!

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